Butyl Rubber Sheet Linear Meter A

Size: 1400mm x 1.0mm Thick
Sale price£76.42
Incl. VAT


Benefits of Butyl Rubber Sheet:

  • It is a fully vulcanised material. Not glued - which does not last. It is completely non-toxic. You do not take the risks associated with EPDM material which may be toxic. Many materials compare themselves with Butyl and may claim some better characteristics, but this is normally not true. Do not settle for second best to save a few pounds. Consider what your pond is actually costing. You do not want to rebuild it in a few years because of liner failure.
  • Maximum length of each roll is 10 meters. This listing is by the meter so you simply need to enter in the box above number of meters you require
  • Excellent Impermeability To Gases
  • Good Ozone, Ultra Violet Light and Weathering
  • Good Abrasion Resistance
  • Good High and Low Temperatures

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